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"The global institutional framework of nuclear stewardship" an article contained in the AUA newsletter Issue 11 - see www.aua.org.au/Content/Newsletter


Whilst my first job when I left University was with Esso Minerals exploring for uranium in Central Australia, it was to be another 30 years before I again found myself working with uranium and for the first time with the global nuclear industry.

Development of a global uranium stewardship program:

The final report to the Government by the UIF included:

Establishment of Australian Uranium Association

‘In recognition of the role of mining in the life cycle of uranium, the Association will also support and actively participate in the recently established uranium stewardship working groups that have been established both in Australia (through the Australian Government) and internationally (through the World Nuclear Association)’.

Mick Roche appointed as chairman of the AUA Uranium Stewardship Working Group.

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Uranium stewardship

Is defined (by WNA) as  a programme of action seeking to define, and achieve worldwide industry adherence to, principles and practices designed to ensure that uranium and its by-products are managed in ways that are safe, environmentally responsible, and economically and socially acceptable.

Why uranium stewardship?

Uranium Stewardship principles:

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