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Mick Roche appointed a RJA accreddited Topic Expert

Clare Valley Rocks project launched
Contributions to the Guardian
Waste Management in the Resources Industry Conference
Stewardship Matters Latest News
SSF Website Launch
The 31st Sir George Fisher Lecture
The RJC monitor - October 2010
Stewardship Workshop - 11th October 2010

Latest News:

Mick Roche appointed a RJC Accredited Topic Expert

The Responsible Jewellery Council [RJC] has developed a Topic Expert accreditation program to support Members and Auditors in implementing the RJC’s Certification programs.

Topic Experts may be generalists or specialists, and can act as a resource for assisting with the development of appropriate business systems, carrying out self-assessments, or filling specialist roles in audit teams.

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Clare Valley Rocks project launched

A chance meeting between Andrew Pike [Director and Viticulturist at Pikes Wines] and Mick Roche [Director and Geologist at Stewardship Matters] in April 2012 led to a discussion on the need to tell the story of the geology of the Clare Valley and its relationship to the grape growing and wine industries.

Mick went away and prepared a project brief which he called the “Clare Valley Rocks” project.

The two relevant organisations in the Clare Valley, namely the Clare Valley Winemakers Incorporated and the Clare Region Wine Grapegrowers Association, of which Andrew was a member of both, decided to pursue the feasibility of such a project and commissioned Stewardship Matters to undertake the study.

In September 2012, the two organisations decided to fund the four aspects of the Clare Valley Rocks Project:

1. Map and Brochure
2. Interpretive signage
3. Soil profile displays at participating wineries
4. Website

In May 2013, the project received financial support from the Australian Government under the Your Community Heritage program.
The Clare Valley Rocks Project was officially launched at the end the 2013 Clare Wine Show week in November

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Contributions to the

"Ahead of our live discussion on responsible mining, Mick Roche says large-scale mining and its supply chain are making moves towards sustainability, and stewardship will be key to its success."

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Waste Management in the Resources Industry Conference

At the Waste Management in the Resources Industry Conference held in Perth on 14th and 15th May 2012, Mick Roche presented the attached paper and also participated in a panel of discussion at the conference.

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Stewardship Matters Latest News

In summary we did work for over 50 companies, in over 12 countries, in 4 continents, covering more than 9 different commodities and services.

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Steel Stewardship Forum (SSF) Website Launch

SSF Website Launch.pdf
SSF Website

The 31st Sir George Fisher Lecture

The 31st Sir George Fisher Lecture and dinner, hosted by the North Queensland
Branch of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy will be held in the
Grand Gallery of the Museum of Tropical Queensland, Townsville on Saturday
13th November 2010.

2010 SGFL General Invite Letter.pdf
2010 SGFL Mick Roche Flyer.pdf

The RJC Monitor - October 2010

The latest news from the responsible jewlery council

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Update on Steel Stewardship Forum 2009/2010

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Stewardship Workshop 11th October 2010

The Minerals Council of Australia will be hosting a Stewardship workshop during the SD2010 Conference.

The objectives of this interactive workshop, facilitated by Mick Roche, are:

  1. To consider, as an industry, progress with and barriers to developing and implementing stewardship programs;
  2. To share achievements and lessons from the last decade from various stewardship programs across commodity types; and
  3. To discuss and prioritise emerging threats to industry’s social license to operate at sites and to market our products along with the role and nature of stewardship programs in managing those risk

For further details and registration, see pages 12 and 13 of the conference program at