Stewardship Model



Chronology of Stewardship


  • Mick Roche observes that the handling of lead concentrates in Europe is not necessary to the same leading practice as the Australian source of that concentrate.


  • Brainstorming with other key people leads to the establishment of the Green Lead Project.


  • Inaugural Green Lead workshop in London.
    Stewardship Model developed that incorporates product, resource, materials and process stewardship.


  • Establishment of the Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices.

  • Second Green Lead workshop in London.

  • Copper Stewardship workshop in New York organised by International Copper Association.

  • The Australian Uranium Industry Framework (UIF) establishes a Uranium Stewardship Working Group.


  • Mick Roche gives presentation on the UIF preliminary findings at WNA meetings in Hong Kong; WNA then establishes a Uranium Stewardship Working Group and appoints Mick Roche as inaugural Chair; UIF reports first recommendation is to establish a uranium stewardship working group in Australia; Australian Uranium Association established and appoints Mick Roche to chair the stewardship group.

  • Release of Australian Government “Stewardship” Handbook (co-written by Mick Roche) as part of the Leading Practice Sustainable Development Program for the Mining Industry series.


  • Stewardship workshop conducted by Mick Roche et al in Perth at APEC Ministers Responsible for Mining meeting; APEC stewardship workshop in Beijing hosted by Australia and China for APEC representatives.

  • Establishment of Green Lead China Working Group.


  • Launched the establishment of interested parties in what became the Australian Steel Stewardship Forum.

  • Establishment of Green Lead Central America Working Group.


  • Inaugural Aluminium Stewardship workshop held in London in October Launch of the Responsible Jewellery Council system – the first complete and fully integrated stewardship program.


  • Establishment of the Responsible Aluminium Program.

  • Implementation workshops for Responsible Jewellery Council conducted in Mumbai, Surat, Antwerp and London.

  • Establishment of Stewardship Matters Pty Ltd.

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